Campus Safety

2019-20 Report

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Campus safety information and resources mandate [PDF]
(Excerpt from the State School Aid Act of 1979)

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(2)(A) Emergency Contact Numbers

U-M Division of Public Safety & Security (
1239 Kipke Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1002
(734) 763-1131
Hours: 24 / 7 / 365

  • Police – Call 911
  • Fire – Call 911
  • Medical Care – Call 911
  • Mental Health – (734) 996-4747
  • Emergency Blue Light Phones
    (map of locations on and near the Ann Arbor campus)
  • Register to receive Emergency Alerts by text message, voice message, or email.
(2)(B) Title IX offices

Office for Institutional Equity (
(Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator)
2017 Administrative Services Building, 1009 Greene Street
Ph: 734-763-0253
TTY: 734-647-1388
Hours: 8-5, M-F, except during University holidays and season days

(2)(C) Safety and Security Services

(2)(D) Policies Applicable to Minors on University Property

(2)(E) Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault or Abuse

(2)(F) State of Michigan Handbook

“” [PDF]

(2)(G) Campus Security Policies and Crime Statistics

U-M Crime and Safety Data Webpage

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