Budget Performance and Transparency

2019-20 Report

Mandated reporting per the State School Aid Act of 1979

Public Transparency Website Requirements [PDF]
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(2)(a) 2019-20 Operating Budget Summary [PDF]
          2019-20 University Budget Detail

(2)(b)(i) Summary of Personnel Expenditures
General Funds as reported in HEIDI, FY2019 [PDF]
Current Funds as reported in University Financial Statements, FY2019 [PDF]

(2)(b)(ii) Summary of Current Funds Expenditures
Expenditures by Function incl. Auxiliary Units, FY2019 [PDF]
Expenditures by Function, less Auxiliary Units2019国拍自产在线直播,深夜成人电影,热热色在线,日韩中1024,日韩欧美男人的天堂,四虎 mp4,欧洲色区视频在线播放,富二代在线视频观看, FY2019 [PDF]

(2)(c)(i) Current Collective Bargaining Agreements
Bargaining Agreements for On-Campus Staff (leave OBP web site)
Bargaining Agreements for Health System Staff (leave OBP web site)
Bargaining Agreements for Instructional Staff (leave OBP web site)

(2)(c)(ii) Health Care Benefits Plans2019国拍自产在线直播,深夜成人电影,热热色在线,日韩中1024,日韩欧美男人的天堂,四虎 mp4,欧洲色区视频在线播放,富二代在线视频观看 (leave OBP web site)

(2)(c)(iii) Audited Financial Statements (leave OBP web site)

(2)(d) All Campus Annual Salary Disclosure Report [PDF]

(2)(e) General Fund revenue and expenditure projections for FY2020 and FY2021 [PDF]

(2)(f) Debt service obligations by project and total outstanding debt2019国拍自产在线直播,深夜成人电影,热热色在线,日韩中1024,日韩欧美男人的天堂,四虎 mp4,欧洲色区视频在线播放,富二代在线视频观看, FY2020 [PDF]

(2)(g) Policy on transferability of core college course credits earned at community colleges2019国拍自产在线直播,深夜成人电影,热热色在线,日韩中1024,日韩欧美男人的天堂,四虎 mp4,欧洲色区视频在线播放,富二代在线视频观看 (leave OBP web site)

(2)(h) List of community colleges that have entered into reverse transfer agreements [PDF]

(3)(a – h) Performance Report Card [PDF]
2019国拍自产在线直播,深夜成人电影,热热色在线,日韩中1024,日韩欧美男人的天堂,四虎 mp4,欧洲色区视频在线播放,富二代在线视频观看Enrollment, Student retention rate, Six-year graduation rate, Pell recipients and graduation rate, Student-faculty ratio, Student-employee ratio, teaching load by faculty classification, graduation outcome rates, Post-graduation outcomes.

(6)(a – b) Opportunities for earning college credit through certain programs [PDF]

(7) Count and percentage of enrolled students who filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by academic level. [PDF]

Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee report (Capital Projects)

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